Demolishing the Excuses

Plenty of retirees have worked a lifetime, and many of them are exhausted by the time they arrive. They believe it is time for them to sit back and enjoy life, but their lack of movement can cause issues. They might go to see their doctor and complain of sudden stiffness in their muscles and joints. When the doctor advises them to begin exercising, they could line up a healthy dose of excuses. Demolishing the excuses is something any good medical professional will do, and one of their best arguments is that walking will not put a lot of strain on the aged body.

While a brisk walk is excellent exercise, even those who amble through the local park are giving their body some of what it needs. Their breathing will deepen as they move, and taking in more oxygen will help their body become energized. It might take them weeks longer to adjust to a new routine, but walking almost every day for at least a solid fifteen minutes will get them back to being active.

It can take even a person who had a job where they walked all day a while to get back into moving on a regular basis, and those who have been retired for months or even a year could find their energy sapped in the first few minutes. Building back up to being able to walk confidently and energize their body could take a several months, but the benefits will start right away.

Few people really enjoy exercise, but finding ways to do it that are not painful or time-consuming can help. For those who have left the workforce, there is now time to amble through the local park and enjoy the sunshine and breezes. Getting healthier is a bonus they should appreciate at any age.