Exercise and Mobility Issues

A lifetime of wear and tear on a person’s body might leave them with issues when it comes to exercise, but modern science has found ways to deal with that. There are now entire facilities where a person can get the exercise they will continue to need to remain in good shape, so their doctor can prescribe it for them. Exercise and mobility issues no longer need to be at opposite ends of the spectrum, and those healthy enough to move at all can find ways to exercise the parts of their body that need help.

There are ways to make muscles work without a person doing physical exercises, but the methods vary. Some of the modern care facilities have machines where people lie back and relax while a machine moves their limbs for them. It might not seem like real exercise, but those with mobility issues are able to have their body parts they have trouble moving do the work without straining the rest of their body. Walking might be too difficult for a person who has a continuing issue with leg muscles damaged in an accident, but the machine can simulate that exercise.

Burning off excess calories in this way is not quite as efficient as doing normal exercises, so the person with a prescription for this type of treatment might want to take a hard look at their diet. Consuming empty calories could do more harm than good, so they must make careful choices when eating.

For those who will continue to deal with mobility issues for the rest of their lives, these facilities can be a good way for them to remain healthier. The exercise they get might not burn as many calories as what they used to do, but their bodies will be given an opportunity to continue movement even with a debilitating injury.